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"one of the strongest actresses in Tampa Bay" - CREATIVE LOAFING

"a musical theatre force of nature" - CREATIVE LOAFING

"gale-force singing voice" - FLORIDA THEATER ON STAGE

Monty Python's Spamalot - at American Stage in the Park. Directed by Jonathan Williams.

‎"Even with [the standout performances'] strength and that of the other principles, the show would not be nearly what it is without Becca McCoy as the Lady of the Lake, delivering gospel, jazz scat and a Broadway belt with a self-satirizing aplomb." - Andrew Meacham, TAMPA BAY TIMES

"A strong cast with solid vocals makes this a fun evening.  Veteran stage actor Becca McCoy is impressive as the Lady of the Lake, a diva with a powerful voice.  She glides through in a stunning array of costumes and singing styles from ballads to scat jazz." - Walt Belcher, TAMPA TRIBUNE

"Becca McCoy as the Lady of the Lake is the ultimate drama queen." - Mark Leib, CREATIVE LOAFING

"Becca McCoy plays a fierce Lady of the Lake.  Her rousing rendition of "Diva's Lament" deservedly received roaring applause.  And she turned her playful jazz scatting in "Knights of the Round Table" into a thing of beauty.  And when she's fuming, she lets it all out, and her booming voice causes the castle walls to shake." - Peter Nason, BROADWAY WORLD

Gypsy (Rose) - at TheatreZone

"TheatreZone makes it work with audience favorite Becca McCoy in the role, as the charming, scheming, slightly unnerving Mama Rose.  Mama Rose never stops controlling, despite the fact there's genuine affection for her children, and McCoy projects the perfect blend of tenacity and tenderness.  She could blanket the G&L Theater with her powerhouse voice." - Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News

Mamma Mia! - at American Stage in the Park. Directed by Stephanie Gularte

"McCoy, always so good, absolutely owns her role as Rosie.  Her "Take a Chance on Me," sung to Bill, hits comedic highs as the actress slinks toward her romantic prey, slowly moving in for the passion-provoked lunge.  And McCoy does more with a simple facial expression, oftentimes a slow burn, than anyone in recent memory." - Peter Nason, BROADWAY WORLD

"...and the more demure but revved-up Rosie, played by Becca McCoy, who works wonders on "Take a Chance on Me." - Jay Handelman, SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE

"...Becca McCoy, who is a major presence every time she is in a number..." - William S. Oser, TALKIN' BROADWAY

The Frogs - Sondheim / Lane version (Virilla, ens.) at freeFall Theatre. Directed by Eric B. Davis.

"Becca McCoy brought some Ethel Merman brassiness to Virilla, queen of the Amazons." - John Fleming, THE SONDHEIM REVIEW (vol. 18, No. 1, Fall 2011)

‎"Audiences and critics were thrilled to witness Becca McCoy's performance as the sexually voracious Amazon queen Virilla, decked out in a cast iron bra." - from the November 2011 AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE, the article "Fast Times in Tampa Bay" by Mark Leib.

Disenchanted! (Sleeping Beauty). - Directed by Fiely Matias.

‎"In a supporting role as Sleeping Beauty, toothy, rubenesque Becca McCoy brings a Lily Tomlin comedic quality to her performance.  Ms. McCoy's talents are showcased in a multi-faceted performance in her solo "Perfect"." - Jimmy Ferraro, BROADWAY WORLD

"Husky Sleeping Beauty, played brashly by the talented Becca McCoy, dares to tell us that she can look in the mirror and find that 'I'm Perfect'." - Mark Leib, CREATIVE LOAFING

Flying (Susan) at Tampa Rep / Studio@620.

"This production combines one of the strongest actresses in Tampa Bay — Becca McCoy — with a story that, while not new, is fresh — and complicated. Give McCoya role like McCallan, and she’ll give you more of it than most, in nuances and subtleties. McCoy plays against [Justin Smith as Sgt. Fisher] perfectly — they build a Ross-and-Rachel kind of chemistry across two acts. In short: McCoy and Smith ruled the stage" - Cathy Salustri, Creative Loafing

"McCoy carries out a precise vision of Susan, who must perpetuate the myth of Bob to keep the business afloat, rather like the buckets of bolts she once flew to the junkyard. We learn more about what's really going on as her layers of denial peel away...  an honest piece of work, and the acting hums along at a high level." - Andrew Meacham, The Tampa Bay Times

Motherhood the Musical (Brooke). Directed by Lisa Shriver.

"There's Brooke, played comically by Becca McCoy as the hyperactive attorney and mom juggling her schedule down to the nanosecond" - Sharon Kennedy Wynne, St. Petersburg Times

"Brooke, played by Becca McCoy is a hard working mother who juggles her job, her children and sex with her husband. She is a refreshing and realistic character whom the audience bonded with and related to very well." - Ellie Hirsch, Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

"With four such talented triple threats in acting, singing and movement, each one with seemingly inexhaustible energy, this is one of the liveliest shows in recent memory." - Jack Craib, SOUTH SHORE CRITIC

"You haven't really lived until you see the ballet moment in 'Costco Queen,' a hymn to buying in bulk [performed by Brooke (Becca McCoy)]." - Bill Gale, Rhode Island Public Radio

Love's Labour's Lost (Princess of France) at American Stage Shakespeare in the Park. Directed by Kenneth Noel Mitchell.

"Becca McCoy was something of a revelation as the Princess of France." - John Fleming, St. Petersburg Times

"...a visiting French princess (wonderfully played by Becca McCoy)..." - Joanne Milani, Tampa Tribune

"...and Becca McCoy's Princess of France stand out in a largely excellent cast." - Mark Leib, Weekly Planet

"Becca McCoy powers out a stunningly regal debut Shakespeare in the Park performance as the Princess of France, teasing out emotions from lines that would become staid in the mouth of an actor who had a lesser understanding of Shakespeare." - Stephanie S. Morgan, The Performing Artist Magazine

The Music Man (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn) at St. Petersburg Opera. Directed by Deanna Dys.

"...and Becca McCoy is a force to be reckoned with as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn.  McCoy's celebrated booming voice shook the rafters of the Palladium (no one is going to sleep through this productions)." - Peter Nason, Broadway World

"...supporting players... chipped in strongly... as did Becca McCoy as Eulalie, the hilariously clueless mayor's wife." - Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

"...while Becca McCoy dominates as his wife, Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn." - William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway

Seussical the Musical (Sour Kangaroo) at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. Directed by Eric Rosen.

"Becca McCoy is the strong-voiced Sour Kangaroo" - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"...clear, smart, sincere, fast-paced, exceptionally well-sung... the show is superbly cast with some fine Chicago performers" - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL is close to perfection. The cast has been assembled with some of Chicago's best talent... ,and Becca McCoy is a very strong Sour Kangaroo. Just watching these actors is worth the ticket price." - Al Bresloff,

A Moon for the Misbegotten (Josie) at Illinois Theatre Center.

"Becca McCoy, in a standout portrayal, comes through with poignant vulnerability as the feisty and blunt Josie." - Betty Mohr, The Daily Southtown

"The play, however, belongs to Josie. McCoy's performance rings true throughout, giving the audience a Josie who, despite her rough, sometimes crude, edge, is sympathetic and commendable." - John K. Ryan, The Star

Oliver! (Widow Corney) at New American Theatre.

"The most commendable performance on the distaff side is Becca McCoy as the Widow Corney. This is one of the finest performances I've seen in a long time in any sort of role. She is simply flawless." - Bill Beard, The Stateline News

"The NAT production makes the most of [the familiar score] with talented voices like Becca McCoy as the Widow Corney (in the lightly randy "I Shall Scream")." - Victor R. Yehling, Rockford Register Star

Church Basement Ladies in The Last (Potluck) Supper (Mavis) at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse.

"There are some hearty laughs to be had... Sometimes, especially in the hands of big-voiced McCoy as Mavis, the routines reach the heights of classic clowning." - Len Fonte, THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, NY

"McCoy's Mavis gets more than her share of choice lines, a gift she uses to good advantage." - James MacKillop, SYRACUSE NEW-TIMES, Syracuse, NY

As You Like It (Duke Frederick / Duke Senior) at Jobsite Theater. Directed by David M. Jenkins.

"Becca McCoy in a standout performance plays both roles, delivering an indispensable clarity to the action." - Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

"...both played potently by Becca McCoy." - Mark Leib, Creative Loafing Tampa

Blithe Spirit (Mrs. Bradman) at American Stage.

"Matt Lunsford and Becca McCoy are also delightful as the Bradmans." - Mark E. Leib, Creative Loafing

"It's a masterful production of shining performances and deft comedic timing." - Kathy L. Greenberg, Tampa Tribune

Smoke on the Mountain (Vera) at Round Barn Theatre.

"McCoy's sense of comic timing and her larger than life voice make Vera a delight."- Frank Ramirez, The Goshen News

"McCoy's firm mezzo is an asset to solos and family numbers and her tale of the June bug is beautifully built to a smashing finale." - Marcia Fulmer, Elkhart Truth

Nunsense (Sister Robert Anne) at Angel Cabaret Theatre.

"Becca McCoy shows us over and over just how good she could be if she WERE the star." - Ruth Raven, Pasco Entertainment Review

"Becca McCoy makes a strong Sister Robert Anne, the convent tomboy with a tender spiritual side." - Barbara Fredricksen, St. Petersburg Times

"Over the past 18 months, some fine Equity performers have been on Ferraro's stage- ...Becca McCoy in the current production of Nunsense..." - Barbara Fredricksen, St. Petersburg Times

Miracle on South Division Street (Beverly) at A Simple Theatre.

"Becca McCoy grabs the rest of the comic attention as bowling enthusiast Beverly. McCoy is a comic whiz with saucer eyeballs that shoot to the back row." - Stephanie Hayes, TAMPA BAY TIMES

Beauty and the Beast (Madame de la Grande Bouche). Directed by Amber Mak.

"Becca McCoy, a talented veteran of so many Chicago and national productions, returns to Chicago to portray opera diva, Madame de la Grande Bouche. She makes her a wonderful character, hysterical and larger-than-life, a warbling wardrobe cabinet whose drawers are filled with surprises." - Colin Douglas, CHICAGO THEATRE REVIEW

Legs Diamond (Flo) at TheatreZone.

“The music is matched to strong singers, especially Becca McCoy as Flo, the club manager carrying a torch for Diamond... talented support who threaten to carry off the show...“- Harriet Howard Heithaus, NAPLES DAILY NEWS

The Wild Party - LaChiusa version (Miss Madelaine True) at freeFall Theatre. Directed by Eric B. Davis.

"The large cast includes top-flight performers in sharply etched character roles, such as Becca McCoy as a lesbian stripper..." - John Fleming, The St. Petersburg Times

Menopause the Musical (Earth Mother). Directed by Seth Greenleaf.

"Each one [of the four women] has sustained time in the spotlight. McCoy's husky contralto lends itself to several musical genres." - James MacKillop, SYRACUSE NEW TIMES

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Princess Puffer).

"But no one can resist Becca McCoy, who manages to make her opium den pipe-tender, Princess Puffer, slyly appealing; she's a laser-sharp, hearty vocalist as well." - Harriet Heithaus, Naples Daily News 

Candida (Candida) at Illinois Theatre Center.

"[Becca] McCoy's Candida carries the character's strength and motherly actions with spunk and confident sincerity. She also manages tenderness and gives Marchbanks a tantalizing hint that perhaps he can win her over." - Myra Eder, The Star Newspaper

Macbeth (Macduff) at Alley Cat Players. A gender-reversed adaptation.

"Becca McCoy is a spirited Macduff" - John Fleming, The St. Petersburg Times

The Abandoned El (Shari) at Illinois Theatre Center. A world-premiere production.

"Both actors delivered powerful performances... McCoy and Robel are perfectly cast, individually and together" - Myra Eder, The Star

Baby (Arlene) at TheatreZone, FL

"McCoy's sly sidelong glances at the younger prospective mothers burbling on about how they'll handle motherhood is worth the price of admission." - Harriet Heithaus, Naples Daily News

School House Rock Live! (Dori) at American Stage. Directed by Jay Berkow.

"Becca McCoy can sing a touching song about migrating to America and play a rhinoceros with equal aplomb." - Peter Smith, St. Petersburg Times

Fiddler on the Roof (Yente) at Charleston Stage Company.

"Yente as played by Becca McCoy is so well handled you would swear you were on 42nd Street." - Carol Furtwangler, Post and Courier


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